The Workforce of the Future

Within the next 15 years, some 47% of all jobs could be automated, and intelligent machines will outnumber humans. What are the jobs of tomorrow, and what skills will be most in demand? Redundant? How will robotics impact manual labour, and what if the retirement age really is abolished? While the future may be unknown, big data and analytics is making it ever easier to picture, and digital is shaping it. How will you respond to the Workforce of the Future? In a landscape of rapid and profound change, digital has already transformed life as we know it in ways we never dreamt of. From the computerisation of tasks and processes, to tools that empower workers to be more effective, what we do and how we work is changing.

Fast. Applied right, digital offers organisations limitless possibilities to reorganise and reframe work more effectively and flexibly, to leverage the very best skills and resources around the world, to ramp up efficiencies. But digital both demands and enables a fundamentally different workforce. And fuelled by the proliferation of digital devices and the rise of start-ups, its expectations of you are changing too. As leaders in the digital age, what does this mean for you? What will the Workforce of your Future look like?