For Students

Why would you choose the Grund?

  • If you wish to learn abroad
  • If you wish to maximize your potential during secondary year studies
  • If you wish to use English as much as you can
  • If you wish to learn a profession
  • If you wish to be an intern at several companies
  • If you need a place…

then take your chances!

We know there are a lot of problems with education.

Are there lessons that you feel are pointless? Are you sick of meaningless homework? Are you ready and bored with doing nothing? Do you feel the 8 o'clock start is too early? Are you interested in lot of things but you don’t have enough time for them? Would like to learn how to learn? Wondering what you can be really good at?

If you have nodded to the above questions and feel that you would like to develop in a more relaxed environment, show your parents the Grund and sign up here!