For Parents

High school is a defining part of our life. Our personality and character become more solid, our ideology also develops during this period. Choosing a school is an important decision for families. We have different goals, so diversity is around us. There are those whom "just passing the high school diploma" is sufficient. Some trust in their old school. Some choose the oldest institution in the area, hoping that the values they are searching for are still there. There are people who would like to give a profession to their children. For others, high school is just a phase before a university degree.

And what about the Grund?

Students take the high school exam and learn to analyze information. Together with the student and the parents, we build the future with confidence. We place great emphasis on value creation while also putting critical thinking at the forefront. Our students get to know several professions over the four years while working in a real work environment.

Graduation is just one of many goals that we strengthen with creativity, teamwork, and adaptability so that wherever our students go to once they have completed their studies at the Grund, they can be sure that they have a solid foundation and can move forwards wherever life takes them, with confidence.

If you feel that learning is not just about school and you need to focus more on future competencies beyond graduation, register here!