For companies

The labour market is changing fast and facing major transformations. The shortage of workforce in almost all sectors causes difficulties not only in production but also in development. There is also a problem with the flow of expertise to Western Europe.

We have a dream of a school where companies are actively involved in education. It is important to hear each other, to see each other's goals and to strengthen each other to create an active network.The goal is to prepare our high school students who have joined us to become actively involved in the business sector as soon as possible and to gain more experience during their school years. Students go through a longer admission process. We use a modified curriculum, allowing the students the opportunity to be a trainee for 6 months in 1 year.

We are looking for companies believing in a future where there are well-trained, reliable professionals graduating from schools.

About the trainee program:

• Motivated and interested students

• Up to 6 months of practical time / academic year

• After graduation, you can get people with work experience

• The relationship between the student and the company is maintained by the education manager