Our Mission

Why the Grund?

  • individual approach
  • small groups
  • topic based learning
  • bilingual environment
  • international accreditation
  • you can find your career path
  • internship program
  • support from mentors and teachers

The upcoming decades will be a major challenge for humanity. Today's teenage generation will inherit an uncertain and rapidly changing world. But our education system 200 years ago was not designed to teach the methodology to cope with changes we now face. It’s time to change that!

Our goal is that our students will be able to respond to the challenges of the world with their practical knowledge so that they can confidently face the uncertainties of the future by using their problem-solving skills.

The world is changing and we need to study the network of relations to understand and respond to this change. The isolated existence of subjects must be transformed into global thinking.

Research predicts that by the year 2040, jobs will be created which are yet unknown. Our goal is to prepare our students to constantly redesign themselves.

Rather than the current education system which can be thought of as a static institution that hasn't changed in centuries, our goal is to offer a place to learn, and have opportunities that can easily and purposefully follow the rhythm of a changing world.

We welcome to the Grund everyone who feels the same.