How We Do It

We work with groups of 10 to 15 students which allows for personalized education. The standard curriculum has been modified into project units, which allows for more individual learning. The topics usually change weekly and are repeated cyclically throughout the year. As the goal is to acquire practical knowledge, we place great emphasis on practice within each project.

Methodological changes allow students to gain time by completing the year in 21 weeks instead of the average 33 weeks. In the remaining time, they can dive deeper into the topics of their curriculum, learn more, or re-learn each section where they need it. Students collect credits throughout the year and build a portfolio of what they have learned, thus redesigning the process of grading.

Since 1967, the Clonlara school in Michigan has been offering an external studies program. Through this school, there is an opportunity for Hungarian students to get a baccalaureate, to obtain the American final exam. If the goal is to study abroad and/or to get into some of the world's top universities,  we can help. 


  • personalized learning
  • internship program
  • language exam
  • possibility to obtain a US Baccalaureate
  • cooperation with the entrepreneurial sector
Subject Area
Required Courses Credits
Culture Literature 4
  Speech 0,5
STEM Science, Technology, Engineering 3
  Mathematics 2
Social Studies History 1
  Government 0,5
  Geography 0,5
Fitness   1,5
Electives Student’s Choice of Topics


In addition to the credit requirements in academic subjects, students:

  • Submit Portfolio of Work
  • Complete  Exit Exam
  • Submission of a Reading List
  • Community Service*

Carnegie Credit Units (180 hours = 1 credit unit) are used as the basis for Clonlara School credit. It is recommended that students hold a job for pay before graduation.  Graduating students submit a portfolio of their experiences and work and must successfully complete an exit examination.

Most students earn between 5-6 credits per year. Students looking to accelerate their learning may earn up to 9 credits per year.  Electives may be in a variety of areas – imagination and resources are the only limitations!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.